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Mobiius-Net specializes in one of the most multidimensional and modern mediums in the current era. The Internet, and particularly in Web Design. Being the our main service, we give the Web Design of a website the necessary attention required to attract all eyes. The emergence and effectivness are very significant for a company and the site should reflect the same picture and even better, to impress potential users. In the same way we build websites for all kinds of preferences, personal websites, blogs, forums, and more demanding conditions for companies - all with the same seriousness and perfectionism.

The design of a website needs fresh and original ideas that will always find you in front of others. Mobius-Net is sure to lead to rampant imagination, uniqueness that stands out and knows how to solve all problems. Guided by their own customers, manage to get to the right and desired result surpassing anything found on our way. For us in Mobius-Net, a customer has a say, since the website is devoted to him and it is something that identifies needs and reflects the positive efforts and goals of his company. The Web Design used to any website that we construct, is the most modern, new type of design used for today.

Moving on properly and steadily, beginning with the right guidance (Web Consultancy) and Internet Marketing, leads us to the main piece of work which is the final design and development of the site (Web Design) are eventually being recognized where all our efforts lie (Portfolio) . The end result, we want to fully satisfy the customer, increasing sales, attracting new customers in new markets if it is addressed to a company and creating a narrow circle (Mobius) around the name. Also, when a person / company owns a website, is automatically regarded as more technologically developed, having a lot more knowledge and more open-minded ideas. With the competitive advantage at your side, you are given the opportunity to have easy and fast what exaclty you needed.

Mobius-Net focuses primarily on developing dynamic websites. Dynamic websites are those which have an integrated project (CMS-Content Management System) and not only a single electronic document. The CMS as we've said before (Why us?) refers to applications that allow each user or administrator of the website to take action to upgrade and add what considers to be appropriate in the content of the website -  easily, quickly and simply following our guidance . Dynamic websites use a database, which store information and from which they derive their content, dependent on what the user asks. Offering more features, therefore, a dynamic website will always be in our preferences for the best out of our customers.

Some examples of the possibilities given by the CMS of Mobius-Net are:

  • Dynamic creation of menus and submenus
  • Dynamic text replacement
  • Dynamic photo update
  • Dynamic website translation
  • Dynamic Embedded Forum and Blogs
  • Protection codes (Security)
  • Polls
  • Evaluation of the content from other users (Rating)
  • Automated Information Resources (Newsletter)
  • Automated service Most Read Content
  • Ability to import document files (pdf, word office, etc.)
  • Ability to import media files (. Avi,. Swf,. Mp3, etc.)
  • Contact Forms (Contact)
  • Search Engine embedded in website
  • Traffic Statistics
  • Support Online / Offline
  • Add date and time

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Being aware of the difficulties that may come in your way when you wish to transfer everything from one provider to another, Mobius-Net comes as a savior to take care of the following with no charge:

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