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A large share of E-Commerce consists of the familiar to us all, Online Shopping. Online Shopping has spread rapidly in the Internet circle and  users are now able to be more loyal with their moves, because the facts have changed and online trading is becoming more reliable.

Companies like PayPal have been created to provide a safer option to internet shopping and to reduce potential fraud. So Mobius-Net takes the opportunity to create a safe, reliable and easy-handling Online Stores in which the user can easily navigate and make purchases without any difficulty and hesitation on the misuse of personal data which always remain confidential. Having as an option to use PayPal, your customers can ensure their purchases without fear.


Knowing that the opinion of your customers plays a major role increating a website, we do anything possible so that your website is completely user-friendly and still leads to purchasing. We strive to make the process of that purchasing as easy as possible, leaving your customers happy - and you profitable in the economic field but also in your online reputation!

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Being aware of the difficulties that may come in your way when you wish to transfer everything from one provider to another, Mobius-Net comes as a savior to take care of the following with no charge:

  • Free Files Transfer
  • Free Database Transfer
  • Free Website Transfer

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